Network members provide credit union perspective on EU-wide proposals on data protection, account legislation and a deposit guarantee fund


Pictured left to right, Paweł Grzesik, NACSCU; Brian Branch, World Council; Brian McCrory, ILCU; Michael Taggart, Permanent Representation of Ireland to the EU; and Matt Bland, ABCUL, meet at the Permanent Representation of Ireland to the EU in Brussels to discuss draft directives for EU-wide legislation.

BRUSSELS — Representatives from the European Network of Credit Unions (ENCU) and World Council of Credit Unions met with policymakers in Brussels this week to discuss critical regulatory issues related to draft directives concerning data protection, the proposed pan-European banking union and deposit guarantee schemes currently under consideration in the European Union.

"Everywhere credit unions are seeing increased regulatory burden," said Brian Branch, World Council president and CEO who joined the ENCU delegation in Brussels together with Michael Edwards, World Council chief counsel and vice president for advocacy and government affairs. "While we believe strongly in rigorous prudential discipline and risk management, we need to constantly dialogue with policymakers to educate them about the proportionately high compliance cost of such rules for smaller and less risky credit unions."

"Consiliul Mondial al Caselor de Ajutor Reciproc (WOCCU) a fost intotdeauna mandru ca se afla in fruntea dezvoltarii globale a caselor de ajutor reciproc, dar Anul International al CAR-urilor ridica valoarea rolului important pe care il joaca acestea," potrivit lui Pete Crear, presedinte si Director Executiv al WOCCU, care a fost unul dintre membrii comitetului Natiunilor Unite care a elaborat recomandarea, se arata intr-un comunicat remis

Membri din conducerea WOCCU au contribuit la raportul Secretarului General al Natiunilor Unite, "Casele de Ajutor Reciproc in Dezvoltarea Sociala," care a servit drept baza pentru recomandare.